6 Killer Workouts to Banish Belly Fat in Men

6 exercises to banish belly fatMost of men would not stay ft and active due a number of reasons at some point of their lives resulting in accumulation of fat around their waistline.  It is very important to live an active life involving physical activities to remain in shape and physically strong.  Once the belly fat start showing signs in terms of big belly or belly bulge, at that time men realize what they have been lacking to stay fit. Bulky belly becomes embarassing and causes lack of confidence.  Belly fat is one such thing and usually a result of lack of physical activity and unhealthy and junk eating. Belly fat is a common problem in everyone but mostly in men. Men, according to researchers are more prone to problems of a protruding belly that has negative influence on their overall personality.

It is never too late for any body and is the case for men with belly fat. They can follow the following workouts  especially designed for targeting the belly and toning it well. The list below has the proven moves that can be followed on a regular basis to reduce the waistline.

1. Running/Walking

These are two exercises that are known to burn fat from all the parts of the body including the belly. Running or power walking for at least 30-45 minutes is advisable in the case of reducing the belly fat in both men and women. This is one of the worthy exercises to be mentioned here.

2. Bicycle Exercise

Lie flat on the back and keep the hands behind the head. Lift both the legs now and bend them well from the knees. Now keep on moving the legs in a motion that we usually use during paddling a bicycle. This should be done 10-15 times in a set of 2-3. It is surely going to help you out.

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