6 Things You Can Do Before Noon to Lose Weight

Losing weight isn’t as hard as many people think it is. The process of dropping pounds is one that spans over a long period of time and is in fact the accumulation of a lot of tasks and choices. You did not gain all of these kilos overnight and this is exactly why losing them overnight is not an option either. We have gathered 6 things that you can do while the clock is still showing “A.M.” to lose weight and set the right tone for the rest of the day.

1. Stretch in the morning

There’s no need to wake up bleary eyed in the morning. Instead, spare 10 minutes and stretch until your body breaks out a light sweat.

This will get your internal wheels in motion and start burning off your fat instantly since your body has not consumed any calories as of yet to support the bodily functions.

2. Have a high-protein breakfast

Protein helps satisfy your appetite with minimum calories as compared to a high carbohydrate breakfast. It also takes longer to digest because of its dense nature.

This means that it will keep your cravings at bay for longer and prevent you from consuming any unnecessary calories.

3. Hydrate yourself

Water is crucial to a well-regulated digestive system that will help you burn calories in the long run.

Make sure you have enough water within your system so that the pressure is taken off the liver.

4. Park your car further away

This is a simple but effective trick to chip away at those calories. Walking for a few more minutes will keep you more active.

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This is simply an excuse for setting the right tone so that you continue burning more calories at every opportunity that presents itself.

5. Have a cup of Green Tea

Green tea is a great alternative to your morning tea or any other drink since it is loaded with antioxidants that increase your metabolism. A higher metabolism rate means more calories burnt to provide energy for the functions within the body.

Order a cup of green tea at your office and you will burn fat without even breaking a sweat.

6. Snack on fruits

Make sure that you make fruits the snack of your choice instead of chocolate bars/biscuits/chips.

This will ensure that your body does not consume any bad calories. The fiber that you consume will also help satiate your appetite and prevent further cravings.

The clock is just striking noon and you are already way ahead of everyone else. Let the momentum carry you through the day and before you know it, you’ll be arriving at your weight goal in style.

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