Importance of Sleep in Daily Life

For our body system to function properly depends on us. We mostly try to indulge ourselves in activities that helps to boost our performance in one way or the other. we try to adopt the best exercise strategies to keep us fit.

We also try to eat healthy to make our body system function properly, but with all the exercises we adopt eating lifestyles, if we do not rest or sleep properly they all will be in vain. Sleep is very important in our live, for our brain to function properly we have to sleep well, for our exercises to give us the result, we need to sleep well. When we lack sleep we can have a meltdown during the day and our brain will lose its ability to chose what is important and what is not important. The following tips below can help us get a good nights sleep.

1. Block the lights

It is important for one to remove every form of light at the sleep time. In the bedroom, or wherever it is that an individual sleeps should have very heavy blinds that can block light completely. Light causes the body not to release melatonin which is the sleep hormone in the body therefore preventing one from sleeping.

And when one sleeps and there is an exposure to light in the morning, the light will help activate a part of he brain which is associated with staying awake and this will prevent one from sleeping well. It is also advised that one can use a sleeping mask in situations where the light cannot be blocked completely.

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2. Watch your eating behavior

What you eat and how you eat can disturb your sleep. Large quantity of food few hours before sleep can keep you very uncomfortable and prevent you from sleeping. Foods such as caffeine in the afternoon can remove sleep totally from your eyes.

Also, if you wish to sleep well, avoid eating spicy food at night avoid alcohol too especially at night. This can prevent you from sleeping. When alcohol is taken at first, it feels like it calms the body a little, but later on, it causes frequent visit to the toilet and this can impair your sleep.

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