Everything You Must Know About Core Exercises Summarized

Many desire and strive to have a strong and well-toned midsection but very few get to achieve it. This fitness goal is not impossible to achieve. However, most people don’t get to achieve it simply because they go about exercising their core wrongly. It is of paramount importance to carry out core exercises in the right and adequate manner. Various core workout programs are effective in helping you develop a strong and tight core.

1. Components of the core

The core is the centerpiece of any muscular physique. The basic anatomy components of the core are the abdominal muscles. The core is made up of the following listed muscles.

  • Intercostal muscles

They are located between the sides of the rib cage and are responsible for the elevation and depression of the ribs. They come into play when you flex the torso and twist from side to side. Air bike is an effective exercise for these muscles.

  • Serratus

This is the muscle responsible for pulling of the scapula forward and around. Barbell Pullovers and Cable Crunches are exercise types that are good for the serratus muscle.

  • Rectus abdominus

Exercises that function on the muscle of the rectus abdominus are sit-ups and crunches. This muscle is found around the sternum down to the pelvic bones. It is responsible for pulling the upper torso to the hips.

  • Oblique

This consist of the internal, transverse and external obliques. The oblique muscles are found by the side of the waist and they function to tilt and twist the torso. Exercises such as side bends and decline oblique crunches are very effective in working the muscles of the oblique.

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A well-defined and muscular core is an indication of strength and health in any individual. The core is also the attractive feature and eye-catcher for the opposite sex. It is good to work the core every 2-3 days. One should try to engage in core exercises every 2 to 3 days.

2. Exercises for the Core

1) Crunches
2) Flat bench leg pull-in
3) Air bike
4) Side bends (barbell and dumbbell side bend)
5) Sit-ups such as jackknife or frog sit-ups
6) Twists (Russian and Seated barbell)
7) Flat bench lying leg raise

3. Conclusion

These exercises should be moderately done because, the core is made up of fast-twitch muscle fibers. They are denser than the slow-twitch muscle fibers and so they get a lot more stimulated by short periods of heavy, hard and explosive workouts. The exercising the core should not be made to last for too long in every workout session because, to prevent over-stimulation of the muscles fibers.

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