How to Make Treadmill Exercise More Interesting

Running is known to be one of the greatest forms of cardiovascular exercises.  It’s linked with developed cognitive function, improved mood, decreased risk of cardiovascular disease and a reduction in high blood pressure.  Not everyone is caught up with the idea of running outside due to either poor weather or a lack of safe running places. As luck would have it, you can hop onto a treadmill and get the same benefits that you’ll get from running outside. However, constantly running on a treadmill can sometimes be really boring. Flavor up your treadmill workout routine so you can make it more interesting.

Do a treadmill HIIT workout

High intensity interval training (HIIT) is a popular new form of exercise. This type of exercise possesses numerous benefits and can be done with any type of cardio machine including a treadmill. HIIT exercises are commonly a little shorter in length — maybe 20–30 minutes — and substitute in the middle of a very high intensity exercise and more modest intensity exercise.

Listen to music

While running, many athletes prefer listening to music as they exercise, as it will boost they workout. If you coordinate your jogging pace with some music, you may in fact notice better-quality endurance. Various studies hint that when a runner syncs his or her pace with specify types of music, he or she can run longer and use less oxygen.

Make your workouts fun

In addition to music, there are different things you can do while running on the treadmill. Several of these things help divert you attention and can keep you running a little bit longer. Read a magazine or a book. If you able to, try reading a newspaper, book or magazine while on the treadmill. You can get distracted by stories or pictures while running.

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Try some meditation while you run

It can be mentally tough to run on a treadmill. Sometimes your playlist, TV or other people around you aren’t enough to divert your mind. When this occurs, try concentrating by doing a little meditation while you run. Pay attention to your breathing. Contemplate your breathing pattern. Are you breathing hard? Are your breaths petite or are you breathing intensely? Try to focus on your breathing in, breathing out, breathing in and breathing out. You possibly will also want to try to match up your breaths with your steps.

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