Try These 4 Amazing Ways To Sculpt Your Arms While Lying Down


For those who like to work out while lying down, this routine is for you. You don’t need no gym membership and it’ll boost your energy levels and mood, also protect bone health and sculpt your arm muscles. Below are few ways you can sculpt your arms while lying.

1. Lower and lift1

Start with arms lifted up and overhead with wrists, elbows and shoulders in line while holding onto weights. Inhale, and exhale and guide head, neck and shoulders up and then bring arms down toward outer thighs. Keep opposition in arms, hovering them over ground. Hold and take another inhale. Return to starting position on exhales.

2. Supine triceps exercise2

Always start this with your arms bent at sides, keeping wrists strong. Keep elbows locked into ribs and hovering off ground. To prepare, inhale then on exhale squeeze weights and push arms down toward the ground, adding neck, shoulders and head.

Squeeze and hold muscles and the exhale back to the first position. Remember you always do this while lying down.

3. The T press3

The exercise is called T press arm exercise. You start by bringing arms out to sides, your wrist in line with shoulders. Keep your shoulders away from ears and hover arms over ground. Inhale and then exhale while guiding arms down to outer thighs.

Bring arms back up to starting position on the next exhale. Don’t let arms lift higher than shoulders during exercise and remember to rest at starting position if you are adding head, neck and shoulders.

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4. Arm circles4

This particular one is very easy. Holding onto weights, start with your arms overhead with wrists, elbows, and shoulders in line. Bring arms out to sides and fort a t position then, pull arms down toward outer thighs. Move your arms back up overhead.

Your arms should be shoulder-distance apart when you reach starting position. Your head, neck and shoulder should be kept down or up the whole time while your core is engaged. Do this 10 times in this direction and the reverse. Control your arms and don’t swing them.

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