4 Ways to Get Rid of Underarm Fat

Underarm fat can be an embarrassing thing for most people, especially if you are a lady. But the good news is that experts have developed certain types of exercises that you can engage in that will make underarm fat a thing of the past.

1. Lying chest fly

The lying chest fly move has recorded positive strides in getting rid of underarm fat. Get dumbbells by your sides and while you lie down flat on your back, raise up your knees and hips up from the ground, your knees pointing towards the ceiling and your legs at a 90o angle with your knees. Once you have attained this position, take the dumbbells in your hands and lift them up towards the ceiling, hold this position for a short while and then stretch out your hands as you descend back to the starting position. Throughout the exercise, keep you back straight on the floor and repeat the exercise 10-12 times.

2. Chest press

This second exercise is very similar to the first one; only that instead of your feet going up, they both stay on the floor this time. So while lying down flat on your back, bend your knees (pointing towards the ceiling), but let your toes and heels remain on the floor. Then take hold of the dumbbells in both hands, stretch your hands upwards, hold for a few seconds and then drop your hands, till your elbow touches the floor. Keep repeating the same pattern for 5-7 times.

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3. Staggered push-ups

Get into a high plank position – with your back straightened, toes on the floor and hands on the floor, but then extend one of your hands slightly in front of the other hand. Once you are in this position, descend to the floor by lowering your upper body and then return to starting position by pushing through from your arms. Note that one hand must always be at least 3 inches in front of the other (while they are still at more than a should width-apart). Repeat this exercise 12-16 times.

4. Balanced diet

Another way to getting rid of underarm fat without necessarily involving in an exercise is by ensuring that you at all times consume a well-balanced diet. By doing so, it will be easier to build your muscles instead of developing fat. It is therefore recommended that you strive at all times for a fine balance between your intake of carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

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