3 Bad Habits of Exercise To Avoid

Exercise is of course termed one of the healthiest way to lose weight and improve body functions. But doing it excessively or the wrong way may just as easily cause body damage, therefore doing more harm than good.

The following are three common exercise habits to avoid and thereby prevent body damage.

1. Long workouts

The effect of the exercises you do on the body is not dependent on how much or how long you work out. People spend more hours than necessary at the gym and yet they hardly get to see the results compared to the amount of time they spend working out. Long hours does not necessarily render effective output. It is all about doing the workouts the right way.

It is true that there are certain exercises that call for relatively lengthy training sessions. But it is important that you learn to stick to the time interval prescribed by the professional trainer. Health and fitness sites will usually put down the amount of time you are supposed to do a particular exercise. Stick to that time schedule because, exceeding it will not add any more benefits.

2. Non-diversity

When you have only a few workout postures in your work exercise regime for a very long period of time, it stops bringing any additional benefits.

You see, your body is an incredible machine that, knows how to adapt very quickly to new conditions or environments it finds itself under, including exercises. Once it has gotten used to them it ceases to benefit from them as much as it’s supposed to. This is why it is important to change your workout routines regularly. So, do not stick to one or two or a few exercises for a long time. Add or subtract from your workout to keep the effectiveness constant. There are different type of exercises and for different purposes. This is enough to help you diversify your exercise routines.

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3. Performing weak reps

Ever heard the saying “it’s either you do it well or you don’t do it at all”.  Well, if not, now you have. When doing your workout routines, it is important that you don’t cheat because, the only person you would be cheating is yourself. Most people have a tendency of ignoring the proper form. They do half and quarter reps, rather than finishing a full range of motion. This sort of drill leaves a lot of untapped potentials.

You will build more muscle and burn more calories, if you complete a full range of movement. For instance, rather than doing half squats, squat continuously until your thighs rest on the calves. This is the correct form for this exercise.

What you do daily is what defines how successful you would be in future. So make sure you avoid these three bad habits in your daily exercise routines.

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