11 Solid Tips For Taking Care of Your Nails

11 Solid Tips For Taking Care of Your Nails

From primary school it is very likely that you were taught that taking care of your nails is a part of personal hygiene. But then, growing up, you would realize that you do not pay much attention to your nails as you do to other parts of your body.

This article would help you understand different ways you can take care of your nails without breaking a sweat. Here are 11 different ways to do so.

1. Always keep your nails clean and dry

Keeping your nails dry help prevent bacteria from growing under your finger nails. Also, repeated contact with water can contribute to split finger nails. It is therefore advisable to wear cotton lined rubber gloves when washing dishes, or using harmful chemicals.

2. Learn to do things gently

Your nails are delicate and scrubbing them roughly can expose them to infection and can even break them. Using extremely hard metallic tools under the nail can cause the nail to separate from the skin, leading to an irregular white arching nail tip.

3. Trim regularly

Regular trimming is also very important for a healthy nail. Not only does it keep your nail healthy, it also improves your physical appearance.

4. File regularly

If you have nails that break easily, it is advisable that you go around with a file, so as to make sure you file your nails when there is a breakage. This can help prevented further injuries.

5. Avoid your cuticles

The cuticle has a very important purpose to serve and messing around it can come with a repercussion. The cuticle seals the area at the bottom of the nail and so whenever you cut or remove the it, it breaks that protection leaving you vulnerable to bacteria and other possible infections.

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6. Proper tool management

Disinfecting nail-tools between use is just as important as regularly cleaning your make up brush. You can wash metal tools with soap and water and you can further wipe them with alcohol.

7. Use base coats (for ladies)

The fact that you polish your nails at home, is no reason not to use base coats. Base coats not only protects the nail from being marked by the polish, but also helps the color look more saturated.

8. Read labels

Whatever material or tool you may want to use on your nails must be highly recommended. This is why it is very important that you read the labels, so as to avoid materials that may contain toxic substances.

9. Avoid acrylic or gel treatments

Acrylic and gel manicures as long lasting and convenient as they may be are not healthy for your nails because of how hard they are on the nails. If you want to go ahead with using them, make sure you do it to the lowest minimum as you can.

10. Give them rest

Your nails like other parts of your body needs rest. It is not healthy to keep applying substances on them, every single day. Learn to give them a break and leave them natural as they are.

11. Mind your diet

Your finger nails are made of protein called keratin and so just as with the clarity of your skin you can improve your nails by taking more of vitamin E, fish oil and any protein rich foods.


Your nails are as important as any part of your body. Taking care of them today would surely yield beneficial results in the nearest future.

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