Diet and Workout for Genetically Obese People


Genetic makeup is one of the reasons why many people today remain obese, because they think they have a lower possibility of actually losing weight since it’s in their genes anyway. Although studies show that those who have the gene, are at an average of 6.6 pounds heavier than those who don’t have the gene, and they are at a higher probability of┬ábeing obese, this doesn’t change the fact that you can actually get rid of obesity. Enough of the gene excuses, as it doesn’t stop you from responding to weight loss strategies like every other person.

John Mathers, co-author and professor of human nutrition sums this up in a press release that “you can no longer blame your genes”.

The truth is that your genes will only keep on storing fat in your body and putting your health at risk, if you do nothing about it. So, rather than just sitting and blaming┬áthe FTO gene, it’s best you get into action and get done with it while you still can.

Researchers have also found out that there is no special means of losing weight for genetically obese people; the same means apply to all, both for those who have the gene and those who do not.

This simply means you can get on your fitness regime and watch your diet, because it actually works and determines your Body Mass Index (BMI).

Engage in cardio exercises like walking, jogging, running, swimming, or better still, sign up at a gym to get more serious with your workouts. Avoid fatty foods and opt for homemade foods rather than fast foods that will only load you up with a lot of calories. Drink water to stay hydrated and eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. You should also eat more of fiber and protein rich foods to keep you full and reduce cravings.

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Yes, diet and exercise works, even if you think you are genetically obese.

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