3 Critical Tips For Losing Weight After 30

Losing weight is generally challenging for most people as it requires a lot of determination and consumes a lot of time and effort. Losing weight at or above 30 can be even more difficult and challenging than it would have been if you were in your teens or twenties, partly because your body will not respond to exercise quite as well as it did when you were younger and you generally have more responsibilities at this age.

However, as challenging as it may seem, it is not impossible and if you are serious about your goals, we’ll be sharing some tips in this article that will help you.

1. Get organized

Organization is key to getting things done the way you want them. There are a lot of things you probably need to get sorted out so you’ll need to sit down and organize your plans and determine how you will go about achieving them. Set up healthy eating habits that will help you in losing weight and try as much as you can to keep to them.

Make a list of healthy foods with fewer calories that you can eat and set a day aside in the week to shop for everything you will need. You can also schedule your workouts and if possible, make a timetable. Keeping your plans well organized will prevent you from feeling all muddled up and frustrated when the initial enthusiasm wears off and keeping at it starts getting difficult.

2. Identify and eliminate barriers

No one goes through life without one barrier or the other and this is true even in the weight loss process. From the get go, you’ll need to identify what your barriers are and then think of ways to tackle them. For example, if you simply just don’t have the time for any elaborate workouts, you can still achieve a lot in a 10-minute high intensity interval exercise session. Similarly, if the issue is finding a suitable gym nearby, then you can try using body-weight exercises such as push-ups and squats to help you achieve your goals.

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3. Don’t neglect your muscles

You have to understand that at age 30, your metabolism is certainly not the same as that of a younger person. You need to consciously make efforts to maintain some muscle. So while you do all you can to get rid of the fat, ensure you are eating enough protein-rich foods and doing some strength training exercises to avoid losing muscle along with fat.

Weight loss is never easy even on the best days and once you hit your thirties it’s going to get slightly harder. However, you do not need to panic or give up on your dreams for a healthier life. All you need to do is use the three simple tips we’ve showed you in this article.

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