Some Reasons Why Eggs Are Bad for Consumption

Eggs are one of the best source of proteins and contain a lot of nutrients, so much so that it seems to be put on a pedestal in terms of healthy eating. However, despite all its good qualities, it is unhealthy to a certain extent and yet people are unaware of this. In this article I will be pointing to the unhealthy sides of eggs because everyone should know what he/she is consuming and the effects it will have on you.

1. Cholesterol

An egg has as much as 212 mg of cholesterol, which is very large as compared to many different foods. This in itself should make it something to avoid but it has been argued that it causes the liver to produce less cholesterol and raises the HDL (good cholesterol). Although this is good it seems to overdo its work because although it adds only 10% of the blood cholesterol, it can damage the endothelium, i.e, the lining inside our arteries. This is because it of its pro-inflammatory and oxidation effects on cholesterol and as a result could increase the danger of cardiovascular problems.

2. Salmonella poisoning

Conventional eggs are usually the reason for this food-borne illness which can be quite mortal sometimes. This salmonella poisoning is a result of a bacteria called Salmonella enterica bacterium. Even if you should survive Salmonella poisoning, it is a very painful experience. Its symptoms are diarrhoea, fever and abdominal cramps. It can last for 4 to 7 days and it can cause one to develop arthritis.

3. Free range eggs

Although these eggs are considered better than conventional eggs, they are still not that different. They might lower the risk of being infected by a Salmonella enterica bacterium, but its cholesterol levels are still only a little lower than conventional eggs. It is only about 2% lower so that one should wonder if it is really different enough to be considered the healthy choice for an egg.

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4. Shortening of expected life span

According to a study done by Harvard Physicians, eating at least an egg a day has important mortality risk and have linked it to a short life span. This of course will discourage someone from eating eggs. Note, that this doesn’t mean that you should not add some animal protein to your diet. There are numerous other sources of protein and sources of those nutrients found in an egg.

Upon reading the article and being well informed you can make your decision as to whether you want to eat eggs or not. However if you decide to continue taking eggs then it is advisable to take free range eggs and limit the amount of eggs you consume.

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