3 Easy Ways to Cut Down on Sugar

We all eat sugar, but how much or how less we eat is what differentiates us. Not everyone has an idea of how much effect sugar has on the body, especially the risks that comes with it. We take sugar everyday of our lives; from the carbonated drink, to the sweetened juice, to the high-carb foods, and many more. A great way to start a healthy living is by monitoring how much sugar you take on a daily basis. It is not so easy to cut down on sugar, but you have to, if you’ve been taking so much of it. Below are 3 easy ways you can make that happen.

1. Stop buying processed foods

Maybe it is high time you started taking fresh meals serious. Diane Sanfilippo, a certified nutrition consultant and author of Practical Paleo says “the best way to reduce or cut sugar from your diet is to get into the kitchen and prepare your own food”. Quit those canned foods, as they contain a lot of sugars and some even have more than one type of sugar. Get into the kitchen and prepare your own meal.

2. Identify your main source of sugar

The first step to getting rid of something knowing what exactly it is. What is it you take that contains a lot of sugar and you can’t do away with? It could be your sweetened beverages, or soda, or cakes, or cookies. Identify that thing that contains a lot of sugar but you eat it still. Once you identify it, start from there, and cut down on it as much as you. You can as well do away with it completely.

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3. Don’t keep treats in the house

No matter how hard you try, if you stuff your freezer with too many sweet things, you are most likely to eat them without thinking twice, they are all yours anyway. Rather than keeping a bucket full of ice-cream in your house and promising yourself to eat it with consciousness, why not decide to go out and get your things in singles whenever you want them. You won’t want to go out to the ice-cream shop 10 times in 3 hours like you would have if it were in your fridge. To cut down on sugar, you have to learn to keep treats away from your house.disease, which may lead to heart failure and then death. Try as much as you can to cut down your sugar intake.

High level of sugar in the blood opens the body to so many risks. It affects how the insulin functions, which leads to diabetes. Diabetes open doors to obesity and cardiovascular disorders.

Image courtesy of: skinnyms.com, natural-health-journals.com.

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