How to Use Rest Periods to Maximize Your Fat Loss

How to Use Rest Periods to Maximize Your Fat Loss 1

Sufficient rest is an important component of any fitness plan. If you keep hitting the gym, tracking exercises, reps, and weight but neglect this huge part of the weight loss program then you’re doing yourself no good.

In order to achieve your desired goal, you need to use a variety of resting period lengths for safe training and maximum fat loss.

1. Why Rest Periods Are Important

Resting periods in exercise restores short-term energy sources. In the course of high-intensity exercises like heavy lifting or sprints, you exhaust your energy sources quickly, but by taking proper rest periods, you’ll allow your body to recuperate and replenish properly.

These resting intervals also aid your central nervous system, getting you ready for the utmost power output and proper performance. When you exercise, your nervous system directs signals from your brain to your muscles. Without adequate recovery, your brain can’t keep up and send signals to muscles fast enough to continue exercise with the same intensity.

2. Optimizing the Length of Your Rest Periods

The length of resting period will be different depending on your goal. You need a workout that starts with moderate-heavy strength work in order to maintain or improve strength. What this means is that you will need enough rest for your nervous system to allow numerous heavy sets and proper form.

3. Taking Advantage of Shorter Rest Periods

Drop your rest periods by five to ten seconds after your main strength exercises until you’re finding it hard to catch your breath. Dropping your rest periods will make the most of the training concentration and provide the profits of high-intensity interval training. Do this for successive weeks and see the fat dissolve away.

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4. Integrating Rest Periods Into Your Workouts

Rest periods should match the goal of the exercise. Multi-joint exercises like squats have greater nervous system and mechanical requirements than a triceps extension or biceps curl and therefore require a longer rest period.

Boost your training efficiency. By training additional movements you get more work done in less time, which is ideal for busy schedules and those focused on maximizing workout density and fat loss.

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