3 Moves to Reduce Belly Fat

Your belly region is usually one of the first areas of your body, that starts to store away those fat gotten from your food. But it is also one of the most stubborn and difficult areas of the body to get rid of the fat. There are moves and exercises, that you can practice however to get rid of those fat and when combined with other methods, such as healthy eating, they can give you a flat tummy or even a 6-pack tummy.

1. Crossover reaches

This move works your oblique muscles and the muscles of the lower abdomen, strengthening them and burning fat in the process. With your legs extended into the air, place your palms on top of the other behind your head, when laying on your back. Bring down one of your legs, but do not let it touch the ground, try to touch the pinky toe of the still raised leg with the opposite hand. Your other hand should still be behind your head and it and your head should not be touching the floor.

2. Single leg teaser

Lie on your back with your knees together and stretch one leg up at an angle of 45 degrees and bend the knee of the other at 90 degrees. From the flat position you are lying in and with your knees still together, slowly roll your head, shoulders and chest up, attempting to touch the toes of the extended leg. Continue rolling until you are sitting on your butt and then slowly go back down again, but only until your shoulder blades, after which you come back up and change legs.

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Your abdominal muscles should be the ones doing the work, not your back. If you feel your back is doing the work, hold the behinds of your thighs instead of trying to touch your toes.

3. Lower lift

Stretch your legs into the air as you lie flat on your back, then roll your head and shoulders up, placing your hands on the back of your head, palm on top of palm, tightening the muscles of your abdomen as you lower legs, but not letting it to touch the floor and send it back up, ten times.

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