3 Things to Avoid to Stay Stress-Free

Stress in the modern world is almost a part of daily life. With the development of the internet and technology, people tend to carry work and school around with them which makes it almost impossible to switch off and relax even when at home. This can be potentially very harmful to your health in the long run, and if you suspect that you might be working with a little too much stress than is healthy, here are three things you may want to cut down on.

1. Staying online

This is one of the major causes of stress in our modern world. Never before have we been so in touch with friends, family and work, and no doubt it has brought many advantages, but it has also brought many disadvantages, chief among which is stress.

With the advance of social media, you are constantly receiving notifications from friends and work, such that you have very little time to yourself to rest or to do other fun things.

Numerous studies have shown those people who are always online develop symptoms unique to chronic stress.

2. Lack of sleep

Sleep has been termed by some as the third pillar of health (after food and exercise), yet it is one of the most underrated areas of health. Many people are willing to sacrifice their sleep for work or other duties, thinking they will catch up some other time, however, when you sleep properly, your body replenishes the energy you used during the day and prepares the body for the next day.

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People who do not sleep at night, or do not sleep the recommended eight hours, are short-changing their physical and mental well-being and denying themselves of that full refreshing feeling and vibe that would have relaxed them.

Also, when you have improper sleep, you might end up feeling moody and cranky and not as refreshed as you would if you had proper sleep.

3. Hasty work

Whether it is at work or at school, try not to take on assignments or duties with unrealistic deadlines. The rush to meat the deadline will only make you feel pressured and stressed out.

Also, do not postpone or procrastinate work or assignments by pushing them to the very last moment to complete. You will pile up pressure on yourself causing a lot of stress.

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