3 Ways to Avoid Over Eating

When the food tastes so good, you feel like you should consume more. When you are hungry or when you have access to food, you also feel that you should consume more. Eating is good for your body, but over eating can be harmful for you.  Over eating keeps you in a very uncomfortable position, it prevents you from going about your daily routine regularly during the day, and it also prevents you from sleeping properly at night.

Over eating also leads to eating unhealthy foods that might be harmful to the body. For you to reduce the quantity of food you consume to avoid self harm, you need to work on so many things. Mentioned below are a few of them.

1. Making up your mind

Most times when we over eat, it’s not always as a result of not being satisfied, but its about our mindset. We keep telling our selves that we are hungry when actually we are not, this can result in having access to so much food. If you really want to avoid excess eating, you have to make up your mind to eat the right amount of food your stomach can carry.

2. Don’t eat in front of a screen

Where you eat, matters a lot. When you consume food in front of the television, while you are on your laptop or while you are using your phone, you tend to eat more than you can imagine. You will be shocked at yourself when you discover the amount of food you consume while you are in front of a screen. To  avoid over eating, eat on the dining table without any form of distraction from your phone, laptop or television.

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3. Eat only when you are hungry

Eating anytime you see food can be the problem of so many. Even when we are hungry or not, we tend to lead any form of food we come across, straight into our mouth. Eating all the time can lead to eating a high amount of unhealthy food. Avoid being tempted by things you see around you, position your mind to eat only when you are really hungry.

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