6 Foods for Thick Hair Growth

6 Foods for Thick Hair Growth

Do wish to make your hair thick and long? While most people believe that maintaining healthy and long hair is all about taking care of their hair itself, experts have revealed also, that the health of the entire body is also a crucial factor. It is important to eat healthy foods for thick hair growth.

According to studies, the kind of foods you eat will determine how healthy you’ll be in every part of your body, which also includes your hair health. So basically, if a strong and healthy growth of your hair means a lot to you, then you must stick to a balanced diet routine. And within this article we have put together a few options you can choose from:

1. Lean Red Meat1

Did you know that iron deficiency can lead to baldness and hair loss? Iron deficiency is usually evidenced by unhealthy and thin hair. And what better way to get sufficient iron in the body, if not by eating healthy quantities of lean red meat.

2. Whole grains2

From barley to oats, buckwheat, broken wheat and ragi – whole grains have been seen to promote hair growth. This is due to their zinc, vitamin B and iron content which are all good for hair follicles and more importantly, help regulate hormones which have a direct effect on the growth and thickness of one’s hair. So in a nut shell, having these nutrients in the body protects your hair.

3. Brown Rice3

Brown rice has also been seen to have a lot of zinc content, which is important for your hair growth. Eat as much as you can, and you can be sure of reaping the maximum benefits.

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4. Beans and Lentils4

Lentils contain zinc, protein, iron and biotin all known to supplement follicles and make one’s hair scalp healthy. This is in fact is the perfect recipe for every vegetarian, vegan, and meat eater. Also known to play a great role in hair support and maintenance are Legumes like kidney beans, soy beans – give them a try as well.

5. Sweet potatoes6

This another perfectly healthy food which boosts thick hair growth because of its anti-oxidant beta carotene content, which is converted into vitamin A in the body, which is essential for the functioning of all cells in the body, including your hair cells. What more, vitamin A produces oils that maintain a healthy scalp and also prevents dandruff.

6. Eggs5

Eggs contain zinc, selenium, sulfur, and iron, and are full of biotin,  a vitamin B which promotes hair growth. They are also a great source of proteins, which help cells to carry oxygen to the hair follicles.

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