4 Exercises to Strengthen Your Hip Bones

Having troubles with your hip bones? Try these amazing exercises and you will be fine before you know it. But before we commence, I want you to keep in mind that ‘bone growth is stimulated through increased force and impact’ so a majority of the exercises that you will be coming across may require you to put some additional force to it.

1. High knees

This exercise will have double benefits for your body. While strengthening your hip bones, it will also help to effectively boost your cardiovascular system and it is quite simple to perform. Start by standing firm on a flat surface and then raise your knees to your chest as high as you can, (and off course you can’t raise both your knees at the same time while standing, so you will need to do it one knee at a time) the faster and longer you go, the more effective it becomes.

2. Standing side kicks

This particular exercise targets your inner and outer thighs as well as your glutes and quadriceps. To perform this exercise, plant your feet firmly on the floor and your hands fastened on your hips. With this position, count to three and then gently move your right leg to the side while your inner thigh remains parallel to the floor. After some time, do the same for your left leg and repeat about 10-15 times.

3. Plank leg lift

This is also another highly effective exercise to strengthen the core of your hip bones. To start with: form a plank position by going down on a flat surface with your hands underneath your shoulders (while on the floor) and your back straight. While in that position, be sure to engage your abs and gently raise your right leg upwards (at least two inches of the floor) and hold for about 10-15 seconds .Once you have done this, return to a starting position and do the same for your left leg.

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4.  Side-lying hip abduction

With this exercise, you will need to lay on your side on a flat surface, it is advisable to support your head. Once this is position is attained, raise your top leg from your bottom leg as high as you can go and then slowly descend it again, and then repeat this for 10-15 times and do the same for the other leg. While raising your upper leg, it is important to try not to rotate your pelvis.

image courtesy of: runnersworld.com.

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