4 Mistakes You Are Making at the Gym

The truth is that not everyone who goes to the gym actually get the best of results. A lot of mistakes are made at the gym, which may end up prolonging the time in which you achieve your fitness goals, or even result in certain injuries. Funny enough, people make a lot of mistakes that they are not aware of. Do you think you are making some mistakes at the gym. Below are some common ones that you might be making.

1. Not having a plan

You really do not have to be among those people who do not know what to do at a particular period in time. It won’t take you a lifetime to grab a pen and a paper and plan it all out. Before even resuming at the gym, you should know what  you aim to achieve and how to go about it. What set of exercises will you perform first. How many breaks will you have and how long would they last. Will you have to eat something in between. These and many more are things you should consider.

2. You are only doing what you are good at

Many people are guilty of this without even realizing it in most cases. It is okay to feel happy while working out, or better  still, feel like an expert, so you go for only what you are good at. However, this is dangerous as you may end up not following through with your plans. For example, working on your arms alone because you enjoy it. While forgetting that you have tiny legs which you need to work on as well. No one wants big strong arms with tiny weak legs.

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3. Wearing tight clothing

Gym time isn’t the time to look sexy. So, ditch those tight clothes that won’t make you feel comfortable. You should rather wear things you are comfortable with so you don’t end up feeling stressed out half way through your workout. Another reason why you should avoid tight clothing is to allow proper blood circulation which is very important if you want the best for your health.

4. You are over doing it

Hold on, it’s not time to show off your skills. It’s okay to work hard but you don’t have to do it excessively to the point where you lose your form and technique. Be moderate and keep to the normal set or counts for every exercise you perform.

If you are making any of these mistakes, you should start working on them immediately.

Image Courtesy by: healthyway.com, jameshaskell.com

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