4 Reasons You’re Tired All the Time

We all get tired at some points in our lives, which can be due to our everyday lifestyle. When you feel tired, the first thing that you are most likely to think of is how stressful your day has been or how you have been devoid of food and sleep. Although this is true most of the time, there are also other times when none of these factors are applicable and you may begin to wonder why exactly you are tired. Keep reading to learn more.

1. Diabetes

Diabetes is a common medical condition, but a lot of people do not know that they have it, especially in its earlier stages. Glucose helps to fuel the body, but in the case of someone with diabetes, glucose is not properly used up in the body and this can cause it to buildup in the blood. With a buildup of unused glucose in the blood, the body tends to lack energy, which can make you feel tired often. Other symptoms include excessive thirst, hunger, blurred vision and frequent urination. You can test for glucose using the fasting plasma glucose test or the oral glucose tolerance test.

2. Chronic fatigue

Perhaps this is the cause of your frequent tiredness. People who suffer from this condition are at a higher chance of feeling too tired to perform everyday activities. Some common signs you can also notice include muscle and joint pains, weakness, an inability to concentrate and headaches. This condition actually has no known cause but it’s best that you see your doctor.

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3. Anemia

Anemia is a medical condition which is a reduced capacity of the blood to transport oxygen to the tissues. This is a result of a few red blood cells or little hemoglobin or some other underlying medical conditions resulting in weakness and shortness of breath. Other symptoms include frequent tiredness include extreme weakness, rapid heartbeat, headache, lack of concentration and difficulty sleeping. You may consult your physician for a physical exam and blood tests to check the level of your red blood cells.

4. Depression

Depression disturbs everyday activities and may affect how you sleep or eat and even the decisions you make. This can result in decreased energy, problems with memory and concentration and negative feelings. You can see your doctor or talk to a mental health professional to get you through it.

Get quality sleep, reduce your workload, eat healthy and right, drink more fluids, and continue other healthy lifestyles. If after doing these things, you still wonder why you are always tired, these reasons might be applicable.

Image courtesy of: shalvaclinic.org.

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