4 Reasons Why You Have Stopped Losing Weight

You were burning fat before, imagining the time when you could blaze in your hotness. But all of a sudden, you plateaued. Nothing you do seems to work again. You even increase the intensity of what you were doing, but to no avail. The following are four reasons why this may happened and hence a way to fix it.

1. You are not diversifying

Your body can get used to a workout routine just like it can get used to a drug, like heroine and will need higher levels of the stuff next time to even have the same effects.

If you have been doing one type of exercise for a long time, without much variation or intensification, it will stop having effects on your body.

2. You ignore strength training

There is hardly any class of exercise that burns fat more than strength training workouts do. These workouts burn more fats as they build muscles.

More muscles also means a higher metabolic rate to provide energy for them and a higher metabolic rate causes the body to burn more fat.

3. Your faith is still in cardio

If you are having this problem, then you are most likely doing cardio exercises as well.

Cardio exercises are by far the most practiced and popular exercises on the planet. They include jogging, swimming, bicycling and etcetera that are able to cause some fat to be burnt but only to a point.

There comes a certain time and weight when you will need more intense exercises like strength training and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to burn off those last pounds.

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4. You are stressed

If you are engaged in non-effective exercise and you are suffering from chronic stress, your weight is most likely to rise.

The hormone cortisol is released when you are stressed. This hormone causes more the body to store more fat, while it hampers the activities of the human growth hormone and testosterone which build muscles and strengthen bones.

Because you are also engaged in cardio exercises, or exercises that you have done for too long and hence they are not effective on the body, they will not be able to burn off this little fat that cortisol causes the body to make.

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