6 Best Ever Tips to Develop Proper Posture for Singing

Singing is not only about your lungs and vocal cord. It also involves your neck, head, abdomen, chest, arms, hips, feet and even your knees. Having a proper posture a proper singing will let you enhance the quality of your singing.

1. Stand up straight

Visualize growing your body through each vertebra in your spine.  Point your tailbone towards the ground and the crown of your head towards the sky. When you point your tailbone down, you will need to make your body straight by shifting your pelvis to some extent forward. Practice the proper arrangement of your body by standing against a wall. Your head, hips, shoulders and heels should all touch the wall.

2. Relax your body

Don’t forget to relax as you extend your body. It is not rare for your body to naturally tense up as you stand up straight. Comforting your body will allow your diaphragm to enlarge and permit you to take a deeper breath. Try shaking your body and then go back to your singing posture if you find that your body is too tense.

3. Keep your chin parallel to the ground

You should have the crown of your hear pointed at your shoulder and your ears over your shoulder. This position will permit the extreme amount of air to flow in and out of your belly. Keeping your chin too high can cause your tongue and vocal cords to be stretched too tight. Holding your chin too low can obstruct your airway.

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4. Tighten and relax your core

When inhaling, you core should be calm in order to enlarge to house the air that you’re taking into your body. Your core will stiffen as you gradually release this air to project your voice.

5. Hold your chest high

You’ll notice that your chest naturally rises when your shoulder re slightly back. Keeping your chest high will generate more room for your diaphragm to inflate. Do not pressure or puff out your chest

6. Place your arms by your sides

You should have you arms at each side of your body. Ensure that they are relaxed and not inflexible. Your hands should be to some extent away from your body. Keep in mind to also relax your hands and your fingers

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