4 Ways to Permanently Keep Your Body Looking 20 Years Old

You remember the time when you were twenty, when you had a spanking body that attracted all the girls and made you the envy of others. But now you are much older and your body is not something to show off in public. Your belly is big, arms are big and flabby. Your waistline is atrociously wide, what do you do?

The following are four ways you can return back to those glorious days and maintain it there.

1. Strength training

Strength training exercises like deadlifts, squats, shoulder presses and bench presses, burn fats the most and causes your muscles to be strengthened and grow.

These four exercises are the masters in building your muscles helping you to return back to that body of your glorious twenties.

2. Eating well

I bet you that the main reason why you let your body become this out of shape is because you stopped watching what you ate and instead consumed everything that came your way, containing a lot of sugars, carbohydrates and fats.

To go back to the body of your twenties, you need to control what you eat, cutting out excess calories (in fact you should not barely be eating anything that contains calories, forcing your body to burn those already stored in you as fat) and instead foods that contain antioxidants and other compounds that burn fat reserves.

3. Be less stressed

For many people around the world and especially in the western world, stress is one of the major causes of obesity.

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When you are obese, your body releases cortisol which among other effects stimulates the body to store fat (because it thinks a time of lack is coming).

Stress also makes people to eat more to relieve their stress.

So avoid circumstances that give you stress. If it is work or family, find a quiet time among those activities to just go there and relax.

4. Sleep well

Sleep deprivation has been shown to also be a driver of obesity. When you are asleep, the body balances certain hormones responsible for hunger. This means that you do not feel very hungry throughout the day, forcing you to eat and hence put on weight.

Sleep is also essential for your muscles, if you are doing strength training exercises. The time when muscles are grown and strengthened is not when you are doing the exercise, but when you are sleeping, when the body begins to repair micro tears that formed in your muscles during the exercise, hence making them larger and bigger, to give you that spanking body of your twenties.

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