4 Ways to Reduce Weight Gain When You Are Stressed

Stress leads to weight gain, therefore in reducing such there are things, that you have to engage yourself in to reduce your weight gain.

1. Exercise

In engaging in exercise, it helps to reduce and decrease cortisol and it triggers release of chemicals, that helps to relieve pain and improve mood. It can help to speed up your metabolism, so to burn off extra fats in your body.

2. Eat mindfully

When you eat mindfully, it helps to train you in mediation, which helps you to cope with stress and change your consciousness in regards to eating. You would learn to slow down and tune in your sensory experience of the food, including its sight as well as texture or smell. It would reduce you subjective feelings of hunger or fullness, rather than eating just because it is meal time or because here is food in front of you. Therefore, when you mind the way you eat it helps to reduce depression and stress.

3. Try doing something apart from food

When you are feeling stress, try to do things, that would divert your attention. Apart from eating lots of food, that could increase in your weight gain, try going for a massage, a walk and yoga classes or visit your friend. This is a means to reducing stress without adding a pound to your body. This would help you feel relieve and would improve your mood, which would prevent you from over eating.

4. Write in a journal

Try to keep your mind and also your brain busy. Write down experiences and reaction or important goals, by doing so your attention is shifted from you holding a bowl of ice cream or a large size of burger. By writing, it would give your insight into why you are actually feeling stressed, which would give you ways to get rid of it, without putting something into your mouth. Also highlights, ways of thinking or expectations of yourself that may increase the pressure you feel.

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Writing how to live healthy and exercise goals would bring you to the consciousness of what to eat and the positive and negative effect of an unhealthy eating habit. Finally , research has shown that those who often write on journals base on their life goals has helped improve their mood as well as their health.

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