5 Best Exercises for Belly Fat Loss

5 Best Exercises for Belly Fat Loss

A minimal amount of weight loss can be dealt with by following a proper diet and sleeping enough. Yet if the waistline is a little out of bounds for that, there’s nothing you can do but exercise. In this era where machines are doing most of our work for us, this is something you’ll have to be motivated enough for. Making exercise a part of your daily routine can keep you fit and increases your life span. I’ll be mentioning a few types of exercises for weight loss that stand out for being most effective. The catalogue contains individual exercises along with small HIIT routines.

1. The Goblet Squat:

Squats are one of the most effective exercises that help you lose fat along with burning significant amounts of fat. Goblet squats are safer and easier to perform as compared to the regular barbell squats. Moreover the effect is comparatively greater because front-lifting the weight allows putting more pressure on your hips. My favored routine for this move is to do it at 10 repetitions per minute for 10 minutes straight.

2. Rope Skipping:

This might seem old school but rope skipping is still deemed to be one of the most effective weight loss and stamina building practices. Some improvisations can be made such as power skipping which allows your legs to raise higher putting more weight on the trunk.

3. Quick Cardio Booster:

Running is one of the most common approaches towards weight loss. Running in short bursts can be most effective. In the following exercise routine, intense sprints are used to fuel fat burning and production of human growth hormone. Try this cardio routine and perform it 4 times in total.

  • Sprint for 1 minute.
  • Walk/jog for 1 minute.
  • Sprint on an incline for 1 minute.
  • Walk/jog for 1 minute.
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4. 10 Minutes to Abs:

This routine is focused on having a thinner waistline in nice shape. Accordingly all the movements are focused on the abdominal area. The circuit should be done 3 times.

  • Plank hold for 30 seconds.
  • 15 roll ups.
  • 20 cross body mountain climbers.
  • 40 cycle crunches.

5. Blast Off Push-ups:

My friends these are the push-ups if you want to lose weight rapidly. Though this is not an exercise for starters but if you put whatever effort you can into it, immediate results shall be easily visible soon. This in a way adds leg press to your usual push-ups lifting your metabolic rate to a new high. For a more intensified experience do blast push-ups for 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off. Then perform a low body exercise for 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off. This will almost kill you but you’ve got to make a choice if you want to lose that pooch.

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