5 Home Treatments to Treat a Stuffy Nose

In this article, I will show you some easy ways that will help you to conveniently get rid of a stubborn stuffy nose.

1. Make a ginger compress drink

Ginger is one of the many foods that contains highly potent anti-inflammatory properties. Slice about 3-4 pieces of ginger root and boil two cups of water in a saucepan, boil water about 20 minutes, then soak a face towel in the brew and gently apply the towel on your face. Alternatively, you could also prepare a hot ginger tea, it will almost immediately relive the stuffing in your nose.

2. Get a face massage

Some experts have also opined that massaging your face, particularly sinuses can help in enhancing the circulation of blood, thereby reducing the stuffiness in your nose. It has also been recommended to press the outer edge of your nostrils with the use of your index fingers.

3. Stay hydrated

Another way you can easily get rid of a stuffy nose is to stay hydrated as much as you can, because with enough fluid in your body, it would be easier for the mucus in your nasal passage to be thin and easily drain out.

It is also advised to alternatively opt for warm water as it will greatly aid to ease congestion and also relive the pressure in the nose. In addition to staying hydrated you can also try to use a humidifier regularly, because it has been explained that more often than not, inflammation in the sinuses can be often traced to continually breathing in hot and dry air, so the humidifier will assist to moisturize the air to ease the congestion in your nose.

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4. Drink a spicy decongestant

Any spicy decongestant will render almost the same effect the ginger. You try spicy recipe using the cayenne pepper, cider vinegar, apple, honey, lemon juice and ginger. Make a soup with these ingredients and you will create a big relieve in your nose.

5. Hot shower

Having a hot shower is by far one of the cheapest and most effective way of not only getting rid of the nasal congestion but also relieve you form cold and flu. While having a hot shower, there is the great chance of getting rid of inflammation and irritation as a result of the steam that is emitted from the water.

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