5 Items You Need to Take to the Gym


To have a good training, you need to have the right outfit. Without good training clothes, your workout becomes less comfortable and less satisfactory. So even if you want to hit the gym after work, make sure you have a bag to pack up all the items you would be needing in the gym. This would help you have a very productive day at the gym.

Below are items you would always need to take with you when heading to the gym.

1. Workout threads

Without a very good tread out, you would feel very heavy and wouldn’t be able to work out to your satisfaction. Make sure you have your shorts and top in your bag and they should be very fitted so you don’t feel so uncomfortable while working out.

It would be very annoying that during your workout, you would have to start pulling up or tugging down your clothes. That would greatly reduce the effectiveness of your training.

2. Good shoes

You always have to take along training shoes not just based on your choice, but based on what’s needed at hand. Make sure the shoe you take makes you feel very comfortable and also gives you support. You wouldn’t want to wear something like sandals to the gym. They highly likely to tear or disappoint you at some point. You also wouldn’t like to take shoes that are too tight on your feet because you would likely end up leaving the gym with pain.

3. Towel

Sweating is bound to happen when you in the gym, as a result of the workout you engage yourself in. So it’s important that you take along a towel to wipe off the sweat while you’re taking a break between reps.

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4. Time or monitor

If you really want to keep real time on your progress at the gym, you need a timer or a monitor. Also, if possible, try keeping a heart rate monitor in your gym bag. This could be used during cardio and lifting session in order to monitor your heart beat and to stay in the, desired zone.

Some very good monitor would give you the total calories burned during your workout time. This will help you keep track of all your efforts made during your workout which tends to encourage you in your workout sessions.

5. Shaker bottles

A gym bag isn’t complete without a quality shaker bottle. You need to always refresh yourself. It can hold your pre and intra workout supplement. Water or shake up your post workout protein. Be very sure to grab a very good shaker bottle so you end up with a protein that’s very easy to drink instead of some nasty clumpy mixture.


We have provided you with the list of items that are very necessary if you are looking to reap from your time spent in the gym.

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