Caring For Your Skin

The skin is elastic. The protein which gives the skin the ability to stretch without tearing is called elastin. It will provide color and smoothness to the skin. But unfortunately, in the mid to late 20’s the skin begins to lose its elasticity and suddenly become less elastic.

Good skin care can help the skin stay beautiful and healthy. Note as we age our skin begins to attract effect from sunlight, weight fluctuations and genetics response. All these changes can cause great damage to our skin. It affects the color and elasticity of the skin.

1. How elastin help our skin and how it functions

The human body contains proteins that perform various functions and one of them is the Elastin protein. It is like elastic, very flexible and gives many tissues elasticity. Elastin proteins are actually found within the skin, they are like rubber bands or coils found in our connective tissue and are specifically located in the extracellular matrix part of the skin and in other internal organs of the body. Like the heart, lungs etc.

– Elastin is crucial in the line of veins and arteries.
– Most organs such as lungs depend on elasticity to function. Example like the intake of air the lungs must expand and contract. Because of the elastin found in the lungs, it allows the lungs to return to their original state.

2. Better ways to protect the skin

An individual’s lifestyle and a good skin care practice can help delay the aging process and can prevent the skin from contacting various diseases.
There are better ways to pamper the skin to make it look bright and beautiful by just committing to some basic lifestyle habits like these;

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Drink lots of water daily, avoid staying under the sun for long hours, seek shade and manage stress, wear clothes that are protective, try to shave carefully, gently towel your skin after bath and limit hot water, always eat a healthy diet, lots of fruits, vegetable and protein will help too.

Avoid smoking, smoking makes the skin look  dry and old, it also contributes to wrinkles and narrows blood vessels in the outermost part of the skin.

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