5 Steps to Whiten Your Teeth

Having a nice set of white teeth may not necessarily also come along with having nice breath, but it will still improve your smile and fill you with confidence. You’ll confidently smile as wide as you want to or talk to anyone with no intimidation at all. In this article, we’ll show you some of the ways through which you can whiten your teeth and maintain good dental health in general.

1. Brush regularly

The first step to whitening your teeth is to cultivate the habit of brushing regularly. The recommended frequency is twice daily, and you should also make it a habit to least floss your teeth after every major meal.

A very important but often forgotten tip is brushing before going to bed, and the relevance of this cannot be overemphasized. After each meal, your tongue and teeth retain some portion of the food you’ve eaten, and if these are not brushed off by the end of the day, they decay, which will eventually result in your teeth looking brown, as well as in the erosion of your enamel.

2. Don’t smoke

If you truly want to whiten your teeth, then smoking should be as far away from you as possible. Studies have reported that prolonged smoking will not only darken your teeth, it “can make your teeth fall out”. Prolonged smoking has also been associated with numerous cases of damaged gums.

3. Avoid energy drinks

If you’re a fan of energy drinks you might not like hearing this, but this is the sacrifice you need to make to have whiter teeth. Apart from energy drinks, most of the other beverages out there contain chemicals that stain the teeth. One example of these chemicals are tannins – this is a yellowish or brownish bitter-tasting organic substance that leave stains on your teeth.

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4. Try baking soda and lemon juice paste

This method has been ranked as one of the best home remedies for obtaining white teeth. Lemon juice is acidic while the baking soda is alkaline, and a combination of the two in equal proportion will effectively help in removing surface stains on your teeth.

5. Try strawberry and salt

Like the previous combination, this one is also highly effective. Strawberries effectively remove the bacterial plaque that is responsible for darkening your teeth and are also said to possess an enzyme called malic acid that is likewise effective at removing surface stains. Adding salt creates the mild friction needed for removing thick stains.

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