5 Ways to Control Overeating

One of man’s basic needs for survival is food. However food to some people have become the be all, end all to in their lives. There are many reasons one would over eat and it is not solely on hunger, other factors also play a role like the lifestyle, the state of one’s mind etc. here are these few tips to help one to control overeating;

1. Use the hunger scale

This scale will guide you on how to eat properly. It is to teach you to be in sync with your body. That is, you learn to pay attention to your body and figure out if food is what you really need or a something else. When you feel any of these symptoms, you can regulate to how you are feeling at the moment. This is how it works;

Starving: This is when you are feeling dizzy, your hands may be shaking due to the low level of food, and all you are thinking of is how and when you are going to eat. You can’t even think of anything else. At that point you now you are starving. The risk to eat much is very high.

Hungry: this is when you are thinking of your next meal already, if not eaten within a time frame of the thought of hunger, your next zone is starvation zone where the need for food is overwhelming.

Moderately hungry: this is when there is that consistent reminder of you to go and eat and you are planning or wondering what to eat to calm this disturbing thought. You can hear growling at this point.

 Satisfied: At this point, you are neither full nor hungry, you are just alright. If you eat anything it will be to give your taste buds something to taste nit because you are hungry or craving something.

Full: you are eating for the sake of eating as the quench of hunger is gone, as all you are doing is probably eating to not waste food etc. you might feel slightly bloated.

Stuffed: At this point, you’ve either removed your belt, unbutton to feel at ease due to excess. You are very uncomfortable and the feeling of some of the food creeping back into your esophagus

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2. Refuel every 4 hours

Eat a balanced meal and wait every 4 hours to eat your next meal. That is the time between moderately eating and full-fledged hunger. The idea of waiting till you are hungry is not advisable, as that will make you eat the wrong foods if healthy foods are out of reach. Normal hunger will cause you to plan before you eat.

3. Don’t skip Breakfast

Your breakfast should have all the component of the food types in balanced proportions. Eating the right proportions of each food will give you the nutrient you desire, thus helping you feel full and discouraging unhealthy eating during the day.

If eating late or not at all in the morning will cause you to eat more during the day, then its better you plan your meals the night before, if you also can’t stomach an early breakfast, then wait till 9 am or 10 am to eat, it will help you stay in control later throughout your day.

4. Start dinner Light

Using fruits or a salad. Your dinner should be light and still be packed with all the necessary nutrients you will need. Lean meats or beans are good options, mixing it up with vegetables and some broccoli and carrots. Use fresh fruits instead of dry fruits. You could even make a fresh smoothie juice.

5. Invest in fiber during the day

Consume more fiber during the day. This is because the body processes fiber slower than the other food types and helps you feel full during the day. Fiber foods are high in volume but low in calories, you can eat more and not gain weight.

Bonus tip; distract yourself

Sometimes, boredom can be the reason we tend to overeat, why not play a loud music, or switch up your ear phones if at work, do anything to get your mind of food. Depression can play a role in overeating, at this junction you should see a Doctor.

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