6 Tips on How to Stop Overeating

Once in a while, we tend to take a few more bites than it is necessary and that is normal. However, this becomes a problem when we do it frequently. We may overeat for either biological or physiological reasons. Plain absentmindedness can also make us overeat.

Regardless of whatever reasons make us do so, overeating is a bad habit we should try to curb because it has adverse effects such as weight gain and weight-related diseases. Here are a few tips and tricks that may be useful.

1. Eat satisfying foods

Stay away from foods like white bread, potato chips and ice cream which are rich in calories but aren’t very filling. High protein, fiber and water content of a specific type of food are an indication of its ability to satisfy. This is because they take longer to digest. Foods like oatmeal and boiled potatoes can help to keep hunger at bay and you will probably also eat less at your next meal.

2. Smaller serving plates

Some studies have shown that using smaller plates has a direct effect on food consumption. However, you should be careful not to use plates that are too small because you might decide to go back for seconds and this will defeat the purpose. Plates that are not less than 10 inches are recommended.

3. Be attentive

Avoiding distractions when eating is advisable. This is because when you pay attention to your meal, it will be easy to notice when you’ve had enough.

4. Drink enough water

You might mistake thirst signals for hunger so it is important to drink water as often as possible. Aim for about 10 glasses a day. Making an effort to drink at least one cup of water before meals might be helpful.

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5. Don’t skip meals

Waiting too long to eat can make you eat more food than you need, to feel full when you do. It is advisable to eat when appropriate and also take a healthy snack to relieve hunger when necessary.

6. Eat slowly

It takes about 20 minutes for the stomach to send satiety signals to the brain. So eating slowly can be useful in preventing overeating.

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