6 Ways Sleep Can Help With Weight Loss

Less sleep can affect your weight. when you not sleeping your body, cooks up a recipe for weight gain but then having enough sleep is very important to your health and weight. Below are ways through which sleep helps in weight loss.

1. Controls diet

When the solutions to overweight are talked about, one of the best solutions is diet, to achieve a healthy weight, you should eat less and move more, but then most times you find it hard to eat less. Because you are either  busy with work, school or exercise and then forget to have enough sleep. Forgetting the fact that sufficient sleep is the key to diet and fitness, but then not have enough sleep can negate the benefits of diet and exercising. When your body receives adequate sleep, you will burn fats, this is because you will get to sleep for hours without eating anything till you wake up.

2. Lessens your craving for food

Not having enough sleep creates an internal battle for you to control leptin and ghrelin which are hormones for hunger. A poor sleeping pattern stimulates hunger and also reduces the amount of calories you burn, resulting in over-eating, but sleep helps you to shut down your craving for food for hours.

3. keeps you healthy

Studies have shown that inadequate sleep can be linked to obesity, high blood pressure, heart failure and other heart diseases, but having adequate sleep, combined with a good diet and exercise just helps you to stay healthy and lose weight.

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4. Healthy brain

As you sleep your brain sleeps, but when you don’t have enough sleep, your brain tends to be sleepy and you make bad decisions, which might even lead to eating unhealthy foods that will just add to your weight.

5. Helps to burn calories

After you have enough sleep, it is not only your energy that is boosted, your body burns calories as well. Studies have shown that you burn more than 20 percent calories when you have enough sleep.

6. Shop healthier

Studies have also shown that you tend to make healthier decisions in shopping – when you are not hungry and have had enough sleep; you tend to not shop for foods that are packed with calories but shop for healthy food.

Missing out on sleep can lead to weight gain and other health complications, but then if you have your correct 7 to 8 hours of sleep combined with good diet and regular exercise, you are sure to lose some pounds.

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