3 Restorative Yoga Poses to Help Fight Trauma

No one should ever have to manage or adjust to the effects of trauma, which can actually endanger the health. Although trauma is how the body and mind naturally respond to a deeply distressed experience, those who suffer it often feel humiliated in the long run. You can engage in some therapeutic techniques to help heal trauma.

However, to make this happen, it’s best to focus on both the body and the mind and not just be focused on the mind alone and yoga, being a form of exercise that helps to connect the mind and the body, can be employed to reduce the effects of trauma. Restorative yoga has been shown to improve body relaxation, which in turn balances hormones, relieves muscle tension and decreases heart and breath rate.

Here are three restorative yoga poses to help to heal trauma.

1. Pond pose (Tadagasana)

To do this, lie on your back with your legs lengthened, then press your thighs down to the floor. Now, lengthen your waist slowly by moving your rib-cage from your hips. Once that is done, outstretch and straighten your arms overhead and reach as far as you can till you feel a suction in your belly. This pose helps to lengthen the abdominal cavity and also opens the chest for an easy movement of the diaphragm, which makes breathing easier, thereby making you feel less nervous.

2. Side-lying (Savanasa)

You will need four blankets for this and an optional bolster. Start by choosing the side you’d like to relax in, then fold one blanket to rest between your thighs. Fold two other blankets and keep them beneath your head, with the bolster right behind you for support, if needed. Now, fold the last blanket and draw it close to your torso, with the top of your forearm directly on it. Breathe and bring your body to the relaxation point. This pose has been shown to be of great help for those, who want to feel safe and find rest while they sleep on the side.

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3. Pyramid pose (Intense side stretch pose)

Stand on top of your mat, with arms by your side. Then, turn to the left and step your feet about 3 to 4 feet apart. Now, place your hands on your hips and keep your heels in line. This pose helps to release the hamstrings and the hamstrings are known to be a vital part of our flight-to-fight hormone. This will help you to manage feelings that make you uncomfortable or afraid.


These poses would surely help you deal with trauma as long as you do them right and you are consistent.

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