6 Ways To Control Snoring

Snoring is caused by the inability of air to move freely in your airways. When your airways are constricted for whatever reasons, the tissues around them vibrate to produce that loud sound. Factors like age, weight, gender and sleeping position can influence your sleep and cause you to snore. Here are some ways by which you can control your snoring.

1. Clean your surroundings

Allergens like dust and pollen can cause congestion and inflammation of your nostrils, which can cause you to snore. You should clean your bedroom regularly to dispose of these allergens. You can also visit your doctor to find out what exactly is the cause of your allergic reaction.

2. Medication

Some herbal remedies like eucalyptus and peppermint oil can help you control snoring. They do this by acting as decongestants in your nasal or chest region.

3. Don’t take alcohol and sedatives

Alcohol and sedatives have a relaxing effect on the muscles in your airway. When these muscles are relaxed, they cause you to snore.

4. Exercise

When you have excess fat, especially around your neckline, your airways may collapse partially when you’re asleep due to pressure that is being caused by this fat. If being overweight is the reason why you snore, weight loss should help you with this problem. Also, if you exercise the muscles in your throat and tongue regularly, you can keep them from relaxing when you fall asleep. Relaxation of these muscles is a major cause of snoring.

5. Pranayama yoga

This is a form of yoga that helps you control your breathing. You learn how to take deep, slow breaths to boost circulation and oxygen delivery to your tissues. This exercise can help to control sleep apnea, which can cause snoring.

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6. Use a tennis ball

Your sleeping position might be the reason why you snore when you sleep. When you sleep on your back your soft palate and the base of your tongue might push back into your throat, leading to snoring. Sewing a tennis ball to the back of your pajama top might stop you from sleeping on your back.

Snoring usually has no cure. Therefore, making small changes in your lifestyle should help you stop snoring. Visit your doctor if you don’t detect an improvement after making these changes.

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