7 Day Cleanse – Lose 10-15 Pounds


That really is a tall order but in the world of fitness nothing is impossible. To make sure that you achieve your fitness goals, you will have to make sure that you are dedicated to the task entirely and you will do whatever it takes. Let us first better understand what losing 10 -15 pounds in a week means in terms of calories and energy and what our body would have to do to achieve this.

The following table explains what you need to do to follow this 7 day cleanse. You can find recipes for detox smoothies, snacks and meals on this website as well as on many other places on the Internet.

Detox Diet Week Guide


1 pound of fat is equivalent to 3,500 calories. This means that your body will burn one pound of fat when it meets the calorie deficit of 3,500 calories for various activities. 10 pounds is the equivalent of 35,000 calories and divided over 7 days that would mean, you would have to lose approximately 5,000 calories a day. Is that even possible? Yes it is if you make sure that your body burns calories around the clock.

A boost in metabolism is your best friend

The last paragraph probably left you thinking, but that’s impossible, since I can’t spend all my time in the gym. That is correct but what if your body would work at its peak performance and ensure a good hearty fat burn even when you sit around? We can achieve that by boosting your metabolism so that it works around the clock to provide energy for all the activities. There are certain foods and exercises that leave you with a long lasting burn.

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The Diet

You need to incorporate antioxidants in to your diet so that your body responds to them and burns calories even when you’re sleeping, green tea and berries are both great sources and they will help burn the fat while you are busy with other tasks.

You will also need to incorporate fiber and protein into your diet so that these dense foods keep you feeling full for longer thereby stopping you from eating more and keeping those pesky cravings at bay.

The Exercise

The couple of hours that you do spend in the gym should be used smartly and since it’s a race against time, you need to give yourself the craziest after burn possible. Your best bet is cardio and out of the various cardio exercises, simply running is extremely beneficial since it increases your heart rate and your body goes into over drive. Another alternative is intense swimming that will leave your body burning calories long after you have dried up.

You should also spend time doing compound movements so that multiple muscle groups are targeted and your heart rate increases as well.

You will have to work with 100% dedication and make sure you stay true to your commitment at all times. Work hard and diligently and you will smash your goals.

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