How to get Rid of the Layer of Fats Over Abs

How to Get Rid of the Layer of Fat Over Abs 1

Fats are in two categories- the subcutaneous and the visceral. While the subcutaneous fat is just beneath the skin and can be felt, visceral fat is the deep layer of fat that surrounds the organs in the abdomen and is biologically active. The visceral fat is dangerous as it has negative effects on the functions of the hormones in the body, which can totally destabilize the health of the individual concerned. Visceral fat also releases cytokines—chemicals that trigger heart disease.
This fat can, however, be controlled. Continue reading to know how

1. Reduce stress

When stressed, the body releases a hormone known as cortisol, which is a normal process in the body. This hormone poses no problem in the body unless if its level remains high for a very long time, as a result of increase in stress levels. In this case, the body tends to store excess fats in the abdominal area, and won’t stop storing until the cortisol level is lowered. What do you do when you find yourself in a situation like this? Avoid stressing yourself too much and try to relax often. You can enroll in yoga classes, for relaxation. Meditation in any form can also help. You can pick up an interesting hobby that would rather make you relaxed than stress you, examples are drawing and colouring or polishing your nails.

2. Pay attention to what you eat

What you eat plays a major role in what your abs look like, and that’s exactly why the saying goes “abs are made in the kitchen”. Avoid eating high-calorie foods that will worsen it. Reduce your intake of deep-fried foods, dairy products, and sugar-filled diets. You can take more of fruits and vegetables, lean protein, food rich in fiber and protein, whole drinks, and healthy fats. This will work greatly on your abs and with time, there will be difference, especially if coupled with abdominal exercise.

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3. Targeted exercise for abdominal muscles

Exercises are no pushover if you really want to stay fit. You will have to focus on your abdominal muscles while you exercise; choose where exactly you want to work on and strengthen. Although crunches and sit-ups are what many people think about when it comes to strengthening the abs, they aren’t the best. These two may take a very long time before showing effects, and you can guess they hurt so well. Why not try squats, burpees, and mountain climbers? With 2 to 3 sets of 6-8 reps each, you are good to go. They may not seem like exercises meant for the abs, but they really are, as they require major core strength.

You will save yourself a lot of risks if you are free from abdominal fats

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