7 Days Diet Plan for Weight Loss – Diet To Lose 10 Pounds

7 Days Diet Plan to Lose Body Fat Diet to Lose 10 Pounds fast

Losing 10 pounds in a single week is not everyone’s cup of tea. However, if you do have the right knowledge and understanding of how your body works, you can make it happen. You need to understand the role that metabolism plays in your fat loss procedure and also what effect each macronutrient has on the body and the benefits that one can reap if they are used properly. First let us try ad wrap our heads around what we are actually trying to do.

The diet plan

Day 1: Eat fruits (except bananas)

Do not eat any bananas until day 4. The recommended fruits for the first day are watermelons, apples and any other kind of citrus fruit.

Day 2: Eat various vegetables, boiled or raw

On the second day, eat as much vegetables as you can, either in a salad, or boiled with salt and pepper.

Day 3: Combine vegetables (raw or boiled) and fruit

On the third day, eat both fruits and vegetables. You can mix them up together into a tasty snack.

Day 4: Bananas, low calorie soup and milk

The fourth day can be tough as you’ll be in the middle of the diet plan, but don’t lose heart, you are halfway there to losing weight. On the fourth day, prepare a low calorie soup along with bananas and milk to keep you hydrated and provide you with calcium.

Day 5: Combine rice, vegetables and fruits

On the fifth day, you are almost to the end. You may be noticing that you have lost some weight already. On this day, along with rice, fruits and vegetables, also put special emphasis on tomatoes, which are essential in helping you lose weight.

Day 6: Rice and vegetables

On the sixth day, eat rice and vegetables along with the salads and soup you made on the second and fourth day.

Day 7: Soup, salad and rice

This is it. The last day of this grueling diet plan. You made it! On the seventh day, continue eating what you at on the sixth day, which is rice, vegetables, soup, and salad.


Burning 3,500 calories would result in the decrement of the body weight by 1 pounds. That means if you plan on losing 10 pounds, your body will have to burn about 35,000 calories over a span of 7 days. You will have to put your body under a deficit of 5,000 calories every day to achieve this. You cannot possibly run on a treadmill for 8 hours everyday but luckily there is a way to burn calories even when you are snoring.

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Metabolism is the term used to refer to the chemical reactions that take place all over the body as a whole. There are certain foods that can be eaten to make sure that these chemical reactions take place at a quicker rate to make sure that the body burns through the calories quicker. This would mean that if you have a high metabolism rate, your body would be burning fat to provide the energy required for these chemical reactions.

There are certain foods that are rich in antioxidants and caffeine that will help speed up your metabolism. You can have the following metabolic boosters in as much quantities as you want: Green Tea, Black coffee, lemon and honey mixed in warm water.

Dietary advice

You can eat as many vegetables as you want. They are packed with fiber and are relatively low in calories. You may also eat dense fruits that are high in fiber such as apples, pears etc.

Protein is your second staple source of nutrition and you are only allowed to eat lean meats such as chicken or turkey or tuna. The fiber and protein help keep you feeling full while balancing your blood sugars and making sure that you do not have any sudden cravings.

You need to supplement your diet with a lot of water so that all toxins are immediately flushed out of your system and there are no hiccups on your journey to losing weight.

The above target is extremely difficult and you will have to display an unbelievable amount of discipline if you’re going to achieve it. At the end of the day it is all about how bad you want it. And if you want to lose weight as badly as you want to stay alive there is nothing that can stop you.

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