How Adding an Egg to Your Diet Helps Your Health


There’s no better way to start your day than with a bite of good and tasty eggs. Although in the past eggs have been reputed to be bad because of their cholesterol content, recent studies have indicated that eggs have numerous benefits to your health, some of which we’ll explain in this article.

1. Good source of protein1

Eggs are among the richest sources of protein, with most of this being concentrated in the white part of the egg. The yolk on the other hand is rich in cholesterol, fat soluble, Vitamins A, D, E, K and Lecithin.

2. Good for your heart2

Despite the bad rep eggs get for having cholesterol, they also have high quantities of nutrients which are good for the heart, such as betaine and choline. It has been reported that in a traditional Chinese setting, eggs are highly recommended for strengthening your blood vessels and a good source of energy.

3. Good for pregnancy3

Studies have also indicated that consuming eggs during pregnancy can be very beneficial to the development of the fetus. It was discovered that one of the substances found in eggs, choline, is very essential for normal brain development. It is however advised that when consuming eggs during pregnancy, you should be sure to see that the egg white and yolk are cooked till they are very solid.

4. Lowers blood pressure4

As mentioned below, health experts have explained that eggs are quite effective at lowering blood pressure. It has been explained that the proteins in eggs are converted by gastrointestinal enzymes producing peptides that serve as ACE inhibitors – which is a known medical prescription for lowering blood pressure.

5. Improves eye sight5

Egg yolk contains a substance called Carotenoids, which are highly beneficial for preventing diseases. Recent studies have also shown that this substance can also help in improving the health of your eyes.

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6. Helps in weight loss6

Eggs have also been reputed to be very effective for weight loss. Because of their protein-rich content, they have been recommended for people who engage in frequent workouts and athletes in general. So if you intend on losing weight, be sure to eat enough eggs.

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