4 Advantages of a Banana and Water Diet For Weight Loss

The banana and water diet is different from the morning breakfast diet, as this contains only banana and water as your main source of food and nourishment for the next 5 days or a week. This is to help the weight that might prove difficult to reduce, thereby causing you an easy way out when eating healthy simple and small portioned meals with banana and healthy drinks.

It is simple and light and it acts as a toxin removal and provides you with basic nutrients. Plus it is very filling. Eating 5 bananas for breakfast, lunch and dinner will do wonder to your body on the onset for weight loss.

By the following week, you can move on to the military form of diet with banana, toast and egg. By the 3rd week, an introduction of fresh salad and spicy protein pieces like fish or chicken will get you on your way to healthy living, and the desired weight loss goal you need.

1. Packed with essential nutrients

They are filled with the necessary nutrients aimed at boosting the immune system, so you won’t have to worry about low energy or the typical diet that removes the basic essential of food types or the favorite foods. It is rich in potassium, magnesium, and vitamins. Plus it removes the issue of water retention and aids you to feel satiated till the next banana meal time.

2. Cleanses the colon

Bananas also help in cleaning the colon, getting rid of bad bacteria in the gut, thereby causing the body to be able to absorb nutrients from other foods without any issue. Since the first few days or 1 week will be aimed at cleaning the gut, and banana is all you will be eating and drinking, that means more absorption of the nutrients present in banana. This also helps in keeping the digestive tract healthy and boosting one’s metabolic rate.

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3. Promotes better digestion

Bananas are not hard on the stomach as they are easy to digest even though they have high fiber content. Coupled with water, they do well for the stomach and prepare the stomach for easy digestion for later on meals that will be solid. A trick is to drink a lot of water if you are someone banana doesn’t agree with. It also aids to boost the metabolic rate.

4. Low in calories

They are low in calories, plus very filling and you don’t have to worry about overeating, as this is the only thing you will be eating for a week. So you are having the necessary number of calories your body needs, you are exercising and you are drinking more water for sustenance. By the time you graduate towards eating solid, having a banana in a meal will aid you to be full and cause you to consume less calories.

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