How to Avoid Cramps While Running

Running is an exercise that is really good for the muscles, lungs and heart. Nevertheless, when you cramp up, you routine can be very stressful and hurting. Cramp don’t just hinder your exercise, they are also capable of leading your muscles to injury. Cramps can be due to the fact that you’re not breathing deeply enough (leading to a side stitch or stomach cramp), indecorous nutrition, dehydration or avoiding a proper warm up.

To avert cramping, stay hydrated and don’t start immediately before you start running. Give yourself a time to fresh up by warming up and perform some active stretches, and relax yourself into your run. When you sense that there’s a cramp coming, slow your pace and control your breathing.

1. Do not run on a full stomach

If you’re the type that consumes a lot before running then you’re likely to face cramps whilst running. You can consume just a small, healthy snack (nothing more than 200 calories) about 30 minutes before you run to give a little more energy. Half of a peanut butter, a few slices of apple, a granular or a banana is good alternatives. Once you’re done eating a large meal, wait for two hours before hitting your running exercise in order to prevent cramping.

2. Stay hydrated

It’s vital you stay hydrated. Drink enough water throughout the day but not too much to be precise. Drink at least 1.9L of water every day. This will aid in lining of your intestine to absorb water and break down the food in your belly more rapidly.

3. Avoid foods that take time to digest

This is inclusive of fatty food, protein and fibrous food. Higher fiber foods are linked with cramps while running. So as a substitute, try a simple carb-based snack like a cracker and banana. Despite the fact that healthy fats, proteins, and fiber are important for a hale and hearty diet, eat them after you run to stop cramping.

4. Keep a food log for days you run

A food log will help you in listing the foods that are responsible for the cramps and those that are not. For instance, if you consume cereal before running 3 of the 4 days you run each week, and throughout those three days you faced cramping, you can, without harm, conclude that there is a connection between your cereal consumption and the cramping you faced.

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