Some Of The Benefits Of Lemon Water Might Surprise You


This natural fruit is something I’m a really big fan of. We see it almost all the time and yet we are a little uninformed about its “multi-talent.” Here is a list of healthy and gorgeous benefits that can be derived from lemon water.

Lemons are your liver’s best pal

Ensuring that your liver is glad at all times is one of the most vital things you can do to your life and health status, and drinking lemon water can help your liver function at peak level. As well as getting rid of toxins by improving the enzyme function, the citric acid found in lemons also helps dispel harmful bacteria.

Teams up with potassium to render prime improvements

You definitely know about bananas and potassium, but may not know that lemons are also high in this crucial mineral. This third most abundant mineral in the human body has had its importance undervalued. Drinking lemon water will help ensure optimal heart, brain, kidney, and muscular function by restoring potassium levels.

The original rehydrator

Hundreds of years ago before energy drinks, rehydration salts, and glucose-electrolyte solutions flooded the market, lemon water was used as a highly well-organized drying out treatment. When we exercise we lose electrolytes (minerals including sodium, potassium, and chloride) through sweat — and whilst drinking water alone will rehydrate you, adding a few slices of lemon to the mix will speed up the process of rebalancing the electrolytes in your body.

A lemon a day keeps the doctor away

Okay, let’s not get too sure about this, you still need your doctor . However it has been medically proved that those who drink lemon water every day experience fewer colds, and with suggestively shorter durations than those who haven’t yet discovered the importance of lemon. This is mainly down to the concentration of Vitamin C, the undisputed defender against viral infections and immune system weaknesses.

Help maintain pH perfection.

Given that lemons are, as a citrus fruit, acidic by nature, you might be surprised to learn that once absorbed into the bloodstream, lemon water actually has an alkalizing effect on the body tissue. Why is this a good thing? Whilst we need acid to aid in the digestion of food, it is important to balance our body’s pH levels as too much acid makes us prone to diseases from high cholesterol to diabetes.

It works wonders for your digestive health

It is often said that a healthy digestive system is the cornerstone of good all-round health. Lemons are an important source of pectin fiber which is necessary for good colon health, so a glass of warm lemon water each morning acts as a kick-start for your digestive system, reminding it to eliminate accumulated waste from the previous day.

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