What You Gain From Having a Daily Run

We must have heard at one point or another in our lives that exercise works like medicine.  It is not just another saying, it is actually true. There is a lot of scientific evidence that proves that this is true. A certain experiment showed that regular exercise which is about 150 minutes of exercise per week which is about 30 minutes five times per week and running in particular, has numerous health benefits that extend well beyond any pill that any doctor will give to you.

Studies have shown that running frequently can prevent diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure and heart diseases. It has been shown by some scientists that running improves your emotional and mental health and it also helps people to live longer.

Here are a few benefits of running.

1. Running makes you happier

You would have discovered this if you have been working out lately. It doesn’t matter how good or bad you feel at any given moment, exercise always makes you feel better. Thirty minutes of walking on a treadmill will instantly lift your mood, especially if one is suffering from a major depressive disorder.

2. Running helps you get fit

Running helps you to burn calories. The added benefit of this is that when you exercise, you continue burning calories even after you stop. Regular exercise boosts the after burn effect, research has shown. You don’t have to run fast or sprint to get this benefit, a slow and relaxed run will provide the same benefits.

3. Running strengthens your knees and your other joints and bones

It has long been known that running increases bone mass and even helps stem age related bone loss.

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4. Running will keep you sharp, even as you age

Are you worried about losing your mental edge as you age? Working out regularly will help you stay in shape. Regular exercise will help you defeat age related mental decline, especially functions like selective attention, task switching and working memory.

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