Health Benefits of Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a powerful spice that has been used medicinally around the world. It is still used daily in many cultures because of its widespread health benefits.

These health benefits include:

1. High source of antioxidants

Polyphenols, Phenolic acid and Flavonoids are antioxidants found in cinnamon. These compounds work to fight oxidative stress in the body, reduce free radical damage and slow the aging process.

2. Contains anti-inflammatory properties

Because cinnamon contains compounds that help to lower swelling and inflammation, it can be beneficial in pain management. Studies show that cinnamon helps to relieve muscle soreness.

3. Protects heart health

Cinnamon reduces several risk factors for heart diseases including high cholesterol levels, high triglyceride levels and high blood pressure. Research shows that cinnamon is a helpful blood coagulant. It also increases blood circulation and advances body tissue’s ability to repair itself after been damaged.

4. Fights diabetes

Cinnamon helps lower blood sugar levels and improve sensitivity to hormone insulin which is a vital hormone needed to keep blood sugar levels reduced.

5. Defends against cognitive decline and protects brain functioning

Cinnamon protects cognitive function and brain health by activating neuro-protective proteins that protect brain cells from mutation and undergoing damage. This further reduces the negative effects of oxidative stress by stopping cells from morphing and self-destructing.

6. Fights infections and viruses

Cinnamon is a natural antimicrobial, antibiotic, anti-fungal, and antiviral agent. The immune boosting abilities of cinnamon are found in cinnamon essential oils.

7. Protects dental health and freshens breath naturally

Cinnamon are known to be protective against bacteria living in the oral micro flora that could cause cavities, tooth decay, bad breaths or mouth infections.

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8. Benefits skin health

Cinnamon has antibiotic and antimicrobial effects that protect skin from irritations, rashes, allergic reactions, and infections. Applying cinnamon essential oil directly to the skin can be helpful in reducing inflammation, swelling, pain, and redness. Cinnamon and honey are frequently used together to boost skin health and are beneficial for acne, rosacea, and signs of skin allergies.

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