Get Stronger and Thicker Wrists

Even though there are no methods or techniques to make the bones in your wrists bigger, most weightlifters think it’s essentially an advantage to have skinnier wrists, because it helps to highlight the forearm muscles, making them appear bigger. Building thickness and strength in your wrists is a matter of getting the exact exercises that will help build flexibility and strength, then binding to a training routines that suits you

Stretch out your wrists

Performing wrist stretches is a vital aspect of working up to any strength training routine that you want to combine into your general fitness regimen. Particularly if you’ve got small or “weak” wrists, it’s a good thing to stretch things out before you begin.

Practice wrist extensions

Wrist extensions are a simple exercise to carry out and you can start doing them at home to increase your flexibility and stretch the forearm muscles that power your wrist. Performing wrist extensions is the best way to progressively start developing bigger wrists.

Do radial training

Just like wrist extensions, radial training works, except you’re highlighting a different muscle movement by altering the direction of the exercise. This type of exercise is very common in physical reintegration regimen after wrist injuries, and you can perform the radial wrist exercises at home.

Do wrist releases

This is an outstanding means of extending your wrists out at the end of a work out, lessening the chance of soreness or injury. Do this at the end of each exercise routine.

Be patient

It takes time build strength, which you need to be patient. You’re not going to do some few exercises and wake up the next morning to see some big meat-claws at the end of your arms. The game is called consistency, not speed. Devote yourself to a training routine and start doing it consistently, without taking a day off because you just don’t feel like it. Be patience and work for stronger wrists.

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