How to Improve Your Work Performance

For you to live better and be able to increase performance everyday you must effectively commit to  regular exercises, like stretching the body muscles or taking a long walk after siting for hours.

However, daily training or heart-pumping burns fat from the body and makes it much easier for you to carryout activities with better focus and concentration on workloads or demands. For you to increase activeness in work performance, you must commits to daily exercise.

According to the center of Disease and Control, 1 adult out of 4 older adult fall each year because they often fail to keep their bodies fit. The frequent training of the body really improves the body’s ability to retain stability in older adults.

Note also that balancing during exercise helps improve performance and prevents injury. The ability for you to stay upright, fit and steady, whether you are kneeling, sitting, squatting or standing is referred to as balance.

When the body is effectively balanced, the inner ear, vision, even the receptors of the joints then become alerted to act and function better, then neuromuscular system sends information to the entire body to gain stability. The practice of balance exercise can strengthen the neuromuscular system and can help improve stability in the body.

1. Ways to carry on with balance exercises or activities daily

1. Learn to change your base of support by taking or attempting different standing, walking positions
2. Try taking a long walk on variable terrain, like standing on a beach
3. Try closing your eyes as you balance on with your feet together also try to balance on different surface
4. Turning your head slowly by facing different positions

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2. Other ways to effectively take control and improve your work performance

 Prioritize and avoid multitasking to effectively work on different task one at a time, by starting with the most demanding of all
 Learn to be organized by creating daily goals and following schedule
 Face and manage interruptions form co-workers, bosses, family and friends
 Set time to finish your task early by avoiding procrastination, because procrastination may make you put away tasks that you would have completed. Try to keep a record of your progress and reward yourself by taking timeout
 Accept advice from mentors and friends

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