What Are the Items You Need in Your Gym Bag as a Girl

Most times we want to start going to the gym as part of new resolutions to lose weight, but for some reason that doesn’t just happen. Either due to procrastination or just that we are busy or simply forgetting until something comes up that reminds us of our commitment to what we originally planned.

Some people will say you don’t need much to get started going to the gym to lose weight and become fit and strong. You just need a converse, tights and t-shirt and you’re ready to go. But this is far from what you will really need to take to the gym with you. By the time you get to the gym, you will realize that everyone else is better prepared than you are. You have got to prepare and have all your vital items ready in your gym bag. Plus, it is also essential that everything you need is packed beforehand at night, so you won’t waste any time in the mornings when you have to head to the gym. All you will need to do is grab your bag and go to the gym. Here are a few essential items to put inside your gym bag;

A water bottle

This is a must as you need water during your workout sessions. Being thirsty and dehydrated is not ideal when are trying to push yourself to your limits. You will need to replenish yourself by drinking water constantly from the bottle in your bag. Almost all gyms have water coolers, so you can refill your bottle whenever you run out of water.

Face wipes

First of all, you will need to accept that you shouldn’t wear make up when going to the gym, because you will sweat and if you put on makeup, your face will become a mess of makeup mixed with sweat. Secondly, you will need face wipes to clean your face of any sweat before, after and during the workout session. This will help prevent breakouts that will cause acne on your skin. Get face wipes that won’t cause irritation to your facial skin when you use them.

Dry shampoo

This will come in handy at the gym, especially if they have no shower for women. Simply use dry shampoo. A few sprays of dry shampoos and a chic bun  and you are good to go.

BB or CC cream

These are good for use after your workout sessions as the cream will help moisturize or soften any redness or imperfection on your face which will likely occur when you are working out.

Nutrition bars

It’s pretty common to get hungry after you have just finished a workout session. You need a healthy snack to help you hold your hunger at bay until you get home. A nutrition bar or two will be enough for you to avoid any hunger cravings at the gym.

An extra tank top

The last thing you need is a wet sweat shirt just after a workout session.Thus, it is recommended that you bring along an extra pair of tank tops to help you stay fresh and dry till you get home for a shower.

Lip balm

Bring along some lip balm to prevent dry lips during and after workouts. It is not something you should share with other people, so don’t allow your gym mates to give you their lip balm and refuse any request to use your lip balm as well. This will help keep your lips hydrated and healthy looking.


This is an obvious item to bring to the gym. You will need a towel for the copious amount of sweat that you will be releasing while working out, so you will need to be able to dry yourself up every now and then. The last thing that you need is your sweat entering your eyes and your hands slipping on the machines or having a slippery yoga mat because your hands are sweaty is not an ideal scenario.

By bringing your own towel, you will also spare money on renting a towel from the gym.


This is another obvious item to take with you to the gym. After all the sweating you will do, the smells emanating from your body will not be pleasant. A deodorant deals with that problem as you can dry up your armpits and spray on your deodorant as well.

A pair of socks

It is necessary to wear socks during your workout sessions. Not only does this protect your legs inside the shoes or outside (for exercises that don’t need shoes) the last thing you need is to expose your feet to the elements and let them degrade to get an unhealthy look and make your feet and toes dirty and unpleasant just to look at.

If you have any other item on your mind that you think you might need at the gym, just add it to the list of items in your gym back.

Happy exercising!

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