5 Essential Oil For Aiding in Digestion


1. Peppermint

Peppermint is said to be a very strong oil which aids in digestion. A small drop of peppermint oil in a tea is said to be very strong.  These oils are rear and are very valuable when it comes to health issues, this oil can be used in different ways, and you can either rub it on your stomach or drop a bit in your tea. Also you can add peppermint oil in travel sized spray bottle and to be used before or after you have your meal. However, if your body finds it difficult to digest food then you should try out these oils.

2. Fennel

Fennel is another oil that is commonly used in Indian restaurants. If you ever noticed that in most Indian food restaurant, you always have a little tray of seeds that you can chew on after your meal? Well it’s not surprising because that is sometimes fennel and it aid in digestion. It is required after eating a meal or can as well be rubbed on your stomach after meal.

3. Di-gize

di-gize is tagged as the best of all the oils, as it is a blend from young living that combines Ginger Anise, Fennel, Peppermint and other essential oil that aids in digestion. It is the master of all, as it has the ability to do a quick job when taken or even rubbed on the stomach after eating a meal.

4. JuvaFlex

This oil is also good on its own. It helps in the digestive system including the liver, hence, it doesn’t only help in digestive system but also supports the lymphatics system. Java flex is a combination of fennel, geranium, rosemary etc.

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5. Coriander

This oil is from the cilantro plant (Coriandrum sativum). It is helpful in terms of food digestion, a drop of it in a tea is good to go.  It has a warm, sweet, herbaceous fragrance that has smoothing and calming properties. However, it is said that it helps in the circulation functions and has been studied for the support it may offer to a healthy pancreas.


If you always find it difficult for your body to easily digest food, then his will serve as the best solution as we have explain how to use these oils and what is made of above.

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