3 Exercises To Lose Fat From Legs For Lean Sexy Summer Legs

3 Exercises To Lose Fat From Legs For Lean Sexy Summer LegsIf you are not ready for swimsuit for beach season then it is perfect time to workout to have lean sexy summer legs. These 3 workouts are perfect to sculpt lean sexy legs in time to bare them in a swimsuit or shorts! You might have worked hard to have a six pack abs. You might have not focused on your legs while working out to have slim tummy. These are workouts which will help you to lose fat from the legs so that you have lean, toned and strong legs.


The main leg muscles are composed of the hamstrings (back of the thighs) quadriceps (front of the thighs) and the calves. While there are many smaller fibers that work together to give your leg overall shape tone and endurance it is these groups of muscles that can be targeted the most by specific strength training and assume a higher level of definition in just weeks!

When performing these moves it is essential to maintain proper form and always make sure that the knee never goes over the toe in any of the positions; this will cause unnecessary strain for that joint. Make sure you check with your doctor before trying these exercises.

The leg muscles are very strong and you can handle heavier dumbbells when working them. However these moves also require balance so beginners should stick to 5 lbs. initially. Intermediate exercisers can try 8-12 lbs. depending on how strong they feel toward the last rep of the exercise and advanced can try 15 lbs. and on.

Quality over quantity is always the goal when performing strength exercises so make sure to concentrate on balance and good form when performing these exercises! Perform three sets of fifteen reps per move.

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