Best Abs Workout That Takes Only 4 Minutes A Day

Would you like to transform your body by doing just one workout 4 minutes a day? It sounds too good to be true. Right? This workout works like charm and help you strengthen your core and slim down your stomach. If you follow this routine for 28 days, you will be amazed by the outcome. But you are warned that though it is the best way to have flat tummy and strong core, it will not be easy when you start it.

This move is not sit ups. It is the thing of past now. I am talking about planks which are much healthier option for back and stomach than sit ups. First you will need to learn how to do the plank correctly. You need to do the plank challenge for 4 weeks. You’ll start by 20 seconds and by the end of the last week, you should be able to be in a plank position for 4 minutes.

You must know what is the right position for plank if you want to benefit from this plank challenge. Your body must be in a straight line for best results. Your focus should be to keep your body straight while doing plank.

Here is a video to show you how to do plank perfectly.

If you know how to do plank then it is time to start the 28 day challenge.

Day 1 – 20sec.

Day 2 – 20sec.

Day 3 – 30sec.

Day 4 – 30sec.

Day 5 – 40sec.

Day 6 – rest day

Day 7 – 45sec.

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Day 8 – 45sec.

Day 9 – 60sec.

Day 10 – 60sec.

Day 11 – 60sec.

Day 12 – 90sec.

Day 13 – rest day

Day 14 – 90sec.

Day 15 – 90sec.

Day 16 – 120sec.

Day 17 – 120sec.

Day 18 – 150sec.

Day 19 – rest day

Day 20 – 150sec.

Day 21 – 150sec.

Day 22 – 180sec.

Day 23 – 180sec.

Day 24 – 210sec.

Day 25 – rest day

Day 26 – 210sec.

Day 27 – 240sec.

Day 28 – As long as you can

Please do talk to your physician first if you want to take this 28 days plank challenge just like you would do to start any other workout routine or diet plan. And do not forget to share your results with us after completing this 28 days plank challenge for flat tummy.

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